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If it recurs, exit Destiny 2 and relaunch the game. You can also use Scan and Repair tool after which you can download and install the files at the end of the scan and repair process, then relaunch Destiny 2 and try again. To fix this, ensure your operating system and graphics card drivers are up to date with the latest version. If you get this error, you may be losing connection to Xbox Live while downloading patches or trying to load content.

Similarly, if you accidentally cancel the download, you can get the Boar error. If your install comes to a halt, go to Active Downloads or Download Management window on your system and check the progress bar before you cancel the download. Boar also comes up when using wireless connections, so you can try using a wired connection because losing it will stop the download with no option to resume.

Otherwise delete and restart the download process.

To fix this:. If the error recurs, maintain a wired connection, check for packet loss, and clear the cache on your console. Some users have reported that logging into the network from a different device helps resolve the error. If you receive this error, try playing again or resume what you were doing before it showed up.

Otherwise, if it recurs, exit Destiny 2 and relaunch the game. If it persists, then Bungie is probably testing something on their servers so you can check their official sites or pages for updates. This error means you cannot launch Destiny 2 due to a restriction placed on your account. To fix this, choose a different activity or go to Destiny Account Restrictions and Banning Policies page.

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Note: This error may appear to players trying to access The Reef, and have characters below level 20, yet only those with 20 or higher can access it. Otherwise, try deleting and re-installing the Destiny 2 app. This error means that Destiny 2 cannot detect a connection to your network, which may indicate a possible problem with your console or network hardware. You can also get it if multiple instances of Destiny 2 are running simultaneously, so you may have to end all instances via Task Manager prior to relaunching the game so as to fix it.

Download Your Destiny Code

Switch from WiFi to wired connection temporarily to rule out connectivity issues, then cold reboot your console and networking hardware such as router, modem, or others. Note: A temporary drop in your network connection will disconnect you from Destiny 2, but may not disconnect you from other services such as Xbox Live. This happens if public access to an activity has been overridden manually by Bungie, especially if an issue has been found, or an activity is taken offline before a Destiny 2 update.

Error Tapir usually occurs on gaming consoles. The quickest way to fix is to restart your console. If the issue persists after rebooting your device, try to install the latest system and game updates. Hopefully, these two methods will fix the problem. Let us know in the comments section below.

Destiny 1 dlc codes ps4

Players report it occurs during the opening Homecoming mission of the beta, with Ikora and enemies failing to load before the error occurs. Bungie is currently investigating the issue, and until then, recommends you restart the activity and try again. We are investigating reports of Moose errors in the Destiny 2 Beta. Players who encounter this error should relaunch their activity. Termite - Described as "Failed to download configuration files from Bungie servers", this has appeared regularly for those who attempted to access the Destiny 2 beta as soon as it began. It was likely due to high server demand, and Bungie has said the error should have now resolved itself.

If it happens again, continue trying to log in and it should remedy itself. Bungie also recommends you also attempt to exit and reload the Destiny 2 beta client between log in attempts, too. If you are still getting this after a significant period of time and have exhausted usual troubleshooting measures, it also suggests deleting and re-installing the game, but with servers naturally being up and down, we'd do this only as a very last resort. Please restart Destiny if you still see this error code.

Ahead of the Destiny 2's launch, Bungie has warned players about Destiny Server Queues, which may occur during "periods of high traffic" before you can log into the game. The only fix for this is to simply be patient, though it has specified several notes :. There is no known fix right now, but PlayStation itself has said it is working with Bungie "to resolve" the issue.

How to find games and game content after you redeem a code online on Xbox One

We assume a patch will be coming to help in the coming weeks, but for now Bungie recommends disabling HDCP settings to help "reduce or circumvent this error" in the meantime. We're aware that some Destiny 2 users have seen crash issues on PS4 Pro. We and Bungie are working to resolve, thanks for your patience.

At the time of writing, those are the known issues affecting the launch right now, and we'll update this page when we hear more.

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Year 3 has arrived, and with it, the launch of Shadowkeep and New Light content. You can learn more about one of the major new features Armor 2. Once you are down with the story, you can start the Deathbringer quest. Earlier in the year we also saw the introduction of Destiny 2 cross saves and various new Exotics , including Lumina , Truth , Bad Juju and Outbreak Perfected.

While we can't be certain error codes will match those of the original Destiny, here is a run down of the most common error messages encountered during the three years of the original Destiny, and what to do next, in the event you come across them again in the sequel. Baboon: This network connection issue is due to packet loss between your network and the game servers.

It's recommended you connect to a wired connection, or force quit the game to try and remedy it. Otherwise, try standard networking troubleshooting techniques on the console and network. Beaver: This is a network connectivity issue. While the cause is unknown, it was speculated to do with matching with other players of different NAT settings in social areas, and was addressed as part of a hot fix in summer Beetle: This one is vaguely described as a "general networking error".

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  3. Destiny 2 error codes: What they mean and how to fix them.
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  5. How to find games and game content after you redeem a code online on Xbox One.

The disconnect was reported to Bungie as it happens, and if it repeats over and over, attempt standard networking troubleshooting to the console and network. Bird: Described as a general networking error by Bungie, many players report this disconnect occurs after performing multiple kills in Crucible matches - far from ideal timing. Tapir: The game is "likely" down for maintenance - checking official Bungie accounts will let you know about scheduled and unscheduled downtime.


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